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Best Practices For Diagnosing Cancer In Nails


Summary: At last year’s A+MD Symposia, Dr. Phoebe Rich presented on the topic of cancer surrounding fingernails and toenails. She described symptoms to look for, and procedures to catch the disease early. This article highlights some of the key points and information shared during her presentation.

Looks can be deceiving

Dermatologists need an understanding of the underlying causes of nail symptoms in order to accurately treat conditions.  Patients may usually form these conditions from factors that are not a form of cancer cells.  Symptoms like inflammation, infections, drug side effects, and trauma are most common in nail issues, but not exclusively.  Consequently, knowing the signs of squamous or melanoma symptoms is important.  Dr. Rich explains some of these factors to help you discern cancerous symptoms from more regular forms of nail problems.    Continue Reading

Practice Management

Bundle Aesthetic Tech for Increased Profits

Bundle your tech to increase profit for your aesthetic business.

Summary: At the A+MD Symposia 2016 Doctor Edward Zimmerman  gave an engaging lecture on how bundling technologies can lead to increased profit for your aesthetic business. This article presents a high level overview of  Dr. Zimmerman’s presentation.

Doctors can create successful aesthetic practices through a two pronged approach: Patient outcomes and efficiencies in delivery. Las Vegas Laser and Lipo, owned and operated by Doctor Zimmerman, is an “8000 square feet, nationally accredited, office space-surgical facility, which has one physician: myself.”  He can generate a profit from a practice like this because of a finely tuned plan. By bundling techniques, compartmentalized processes can be more efficient, and cost effective for the aesthetic health of your patients. In doing that, you get better outcomes, you save money, and ultimately increase your profit. Continue Reading