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Fat Reduction with Cryolipolysis and HIFU

Fat Reduction Procedure

Summary: At last year’s A+MD Symposia, Dr. Vic Narukar gave a lecture focusing on high intensity focused ultrasound and cryolipolysis. This article highlights some of the key points and information shared during his presentation.

Understanding how fat is deposited

Fat cells are reciprocals for excess lipids that aren’t needed for immediate energy consumption. There are differences in types of fat cells.  You either have visceral fat around your organs or you have subcutaneous fat that lies below your skin.  This second type of skin is the one that is being targeted by the energy based procedures that we’re talking about in this lecture. Continue Reading

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The Tech Behind Non-invasive Face Tightening


Summary: At last year’s A+MD Symposia, Dr Vic Ross spoke on the many different types of face skin tightening techniques. Patient perception and procedure efficacy are important factors. Being aware of the pros and cons will help you decide which treatments to use. This article highlights some of the key points and information shared during his presentation.

Patients often come in looking for ways to tighten the skin on their face. Most want it done through non surgical methods. Doctors can surgically create the tightening effect that patients want, but what can doctors do with new technologies? There are new ultra sound, light and RF procedures that have been growing in effectiveness and popularity. Dr Ross helps us take a look at some of these treatments and their benefits and drawbacks. Continue Reading


Dermal Fillers: Understanding Potential Complications

Grow a new revenue stream with dermal fillers.

Summary:  At the AMD Symposia 2016, Dr. Cameron Chestnut gave an informative and engaging presentation on the complications that can accompany filler procedures.  This article represents an invaluable primer for anyone looking to move into elective dermal fillers at their practice.  

A growing number of doctors have been exploring the use of dermal fillers in their practice as a way to grow revenue.  While this expansion of services seems to flow naturally from the knowledge and experience you already have, there are some complications that can arise… Knowing what to do when (and how to avoid it altogether) is imperative.

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